Deprecation warning

Please note that this is outdated documentation for an older release of the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK.

We encourage you to migrate to 6.x and take advantage of our latest / advanced features and improved performance.

You'll find the updated documentation at: Data Capture SDK Documentation for Android

Run Scandit Barcode Scanner Samples in Android Studio

This guide shows you how to run the the sample applications included in the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK. It is assumed that you have a recent version of Android studio installed on your development machine. These instructions do not work IntelliJ or other IDEs.

To build and run the Scandit demo project, perform the following four steps.

The Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK comes with three demos:

  • A simple demo (SimpleSample) that shows how to use the barcode scanner in a stand-alone activity.
  • An extended sample (ExtendedSample) that allows you to configure the barcode scanner as well as the UI from the application itself.
  • An application that shows how to implement batch mode scanning (BatchModeScanSample).

Get the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK

Choose a plan (e.g., free “Enterprise” or "Community" plan) at and download the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK for Android from your account.

Download page

Open demo project in Android Studio

Unpack the downloaded ZIP file. In Android Studio, select “File” → “Open..”. Select the Samples folder contained in the ZIP file and click "OK".

Set app key

You will have to set your app key in the sample projects. Sign in to your account at to look up your app key (see “App key” link).

In the file, locate the sScanditSdkAppKey constant and paste your app key.

App Key Snippet

Locate the sScanditSdkAppKey constant for the project you want to run:

  • For SimpleSample, the sScanditSdkAppKey is located in SimpleSampleActivity
  • For the ExtendedSample, the sScanditSdkAppKey is located in SampleFulLScreenBarcodeActivity
  • For the BatchModeScanSample, sScanditSdkAppKey is located in SampleAimAndScanBarcodeActivity

Build and run

You can now build and run the demo project on your Android device.

Next steps

Integrate the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK into your app