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Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK for the Web




  • configure(licenseKey: string, parameters?: { engineLocation: string }): Promise<void>
  • Initialize and configure the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK library. This function must be called as first thing before using any other function of the library.

    Depending on parameters and device features, any of the following errors could be the rejected result of the returned promise:

    • NoLicenseKeyError
    • UnsupportedBrowserError

    Camera access requests and external Scandit Engine library loads are done lazily only when needed by a BarcodePicker (or Scanner) object. To make the loading process faster when scanning is actually needed, it is recommended depending on the use case to create in advance a (hidden and paused) BarcodePicker or Scanner object, to later simply show and unpause it when needed. You can also eagerly ask only for camera access permissions by calling the CameraAccess.getCameras function.


    • licenseKey: string

      The Scandit license key to be used by the library.

    • Default value parameters: { engineLocation: string } = {}
      • engineLocation: string
        Default = "/"
        The location of the folder containing the external scandit-engine-sdk.min.js and scandit-engine-sdk.wasm files (external Scandit Engine library). By default they are retrieved from the root of the web application. Can be a full URL to folder or an absolute folder path.

    Returns Promise<void>

    A promise resolving when the library has been configured.

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