Deprecation warning

Please note that this is outdated documentation for an older release of the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK.

We are deprecating the 5.x API on all platforms (except Linux). Release 5.19 in April 2021 will be our final. Applications running 5.x will continue to work, and we will continue to release critical bug fixes and security patches only, for one year. We encourage you to migrate to 6.x and take advantage of our latest / advanced features and improved performance.

You'll find the updated documentation at: Data Capture SDK Documentation for iOS

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1 //
2 // SBSCode.h
3 // BarcodeScanner
4 //
5 // Created by Marco Biasini on 20/05/15.
6 // Copyright (c) 2015 Scandit AG. All rights reserved.
7 //
9 #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
10 #import <CoreGraphics/CoreGraphics.h>
11 #import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
13 #import "SBSCommon.h"
20 typedef struct {
24  CGPoint topLeft;
28  CGPoint topRight;
32  CGPoint bottomRight;
36  CGPoint bottomLeft;
48  SBSSymbologyUnknown = 0x0000000,
52  SBSSymbologyEAN13 SBS_SWIFT_NAME(ean13) = 0x0000001,
56  SBSSymbologyUPC12 SBS_SWIFT_NAME(upc12) = 0x0000004,
60  SBSSymbologyUPCE SBS_SWIFT_NAME(upce) = 0x0000008,
64  SBSSymbologyCode39 = 0x0000020,
68  SBSSymbologyPDF417 SBS_SWIFT_NAME(pdf417) = 0x0000400,
76  SBSSymbologyQR SBS_SWIFT_NAME(qr) = 0x0000100,
81  SBSSymbologyITF SBS_SWIFT_NAME(itf) = 0x0000080,
86  SBSSymbologyCode128 = 0x0000010,
90  SBSSymbologyCode93 = 0x0000040,
94  SBSSymbologyMSIPlessey SBS_SWIFT_NAME(msiPlessey) = 0x0000800,
98  SBSSymbologyGS1Databar SBS_SWIFT_NAME(gs1Databar) = 0x0001000,
102  SBSSymbologyGS1DatabarExpanded SBS_SWIFT_NAME(gs1DatabarExpanded) = 0x0002000,
106  SBSSymbologyCodabar = 0x0004000,
110  SBSSymbologyEAN8 SBS_SWIFT_NAME(ean8) = 0x0000002,
114  SBSSymbologyAztec = 0x0008000,
140  SBSSymbologyCode11 = 0x0080000,
146  SBSSymbologyMaxiCode = 0x0040000,
152  SBSSymbologyGS1DatabarLimited SBS_SWIFT_NAME(gs1DatabarLimited) = 0x0100000,
160  SBSSymbologyCode25 = 0x0200000,
172  SBSSymbologyRM4SCC SBS_SWIFT_NAME(rm4scc) = 0x0800000,
178  SBSSymbologyKIX SBS_SWIFT_NAME(kix) = 0x1000000,
184  SBSSymbologyDotCode = 0x2000000,
188  SBSSymbologyMicroQR = 0x4000000,
194  SBSSymbologyCode32 = 0x8000000,
199  SBSSymbologyLAPA4SC SBS_SWIFT_NAME(lapa4sc) = 0x10000000,
211  SBSCompositeFlagNone = 0x0000000,
245 #ifdef __cplusplus
246 extern "C" {
247 #endif
248 SBSSymbology SBSSymbologyFromString(NSString * _Nullable symbologyString);
249 #ifdef __cplusplus
250 }
251 #endif
259 @interface SBSCode : NSObject
268 @property (nonnull, nonatomic, readonly) NSString *symbologyString SBS_DEPRECATED_MSG_ATTRIBUTE("Use symbologyName instead.");
280 @property (nonnull, nonatomic, readonly) NSString *symbologyName;
287 @property (nonatomic, readonly) SBSSymbology symbology;
299 @property (nullable, nonatomic, readonly) NSString *data;
308 @property (nullable, nonatomic, readonly) NSData *rawData;
320 @property (nonatomic, readonly) BOOL isRecognized;
333 @property (nonatomic, readonly) SBSQuadrilateral location;
343 @property (nonatomic, readonly) BOOL isGs1DataCarrier;
352 @property (nonatomic, readonly) int symbolCount;
360 @property (nonatomic, readonly) SBSCompositeFlag compositeFlag;
369 @property (nonatomic, readonly) BOOL isColorInverted;
371 @end
Definition: SBSCode.h:102
BOOL isRecognized
Whether the code was completely recognized.
Definition: SBSCode.h:320
NSString * symbologyName
The symbology name of the barcode as a string.
Definition: SBSCode.h:280
NSData * rawData
The raw byte data contained in the barcode.
Definition: SBSCode.h:308
SBSSymbology symbology
Returns the symbology of a recognized barcode.
Definition: SBSCode.h:287
Definition: SBSCode.h:211
Definition: SBSCode.h:52
BOOL isGs1DataCarrier
Whether the code is a GS1 data carrier.
Definition: SBSCode.h:343
Represents a recognized/localized barcode/2D code.
Definition: SBSCode.h:259
Definition: SBSCode.h:86
int symbolCount
The symbol count of this barcode.
Definition: SBSCode.h:352
NSString * symbologyString
The symbology of the barcode as a string, including GS1 data carrier states.
Definition: SBSCode.h:268
SBSQuadrilateral location
The location of the code in the image.
Definition: SBSCode.h:333
Definition: SBSCode.h:222
SBSSymbology SBSSymbologyFromString(NSString *_Nullable symbologyString)
Helper function to convert a symbology string to its corresponding symbology enum.
Definition: SBSCode.h:64
Definition: SBSCode.h:194
Definition: SBSCode.h:184
Definition: SBSCode.h:68
#define SBS_ENUM_END(name)
Definition: SBSCommon.h:17
Definition: SBSCode.h:152
Definition: SBSCode.h:72
Definition: SBSCode.h:114
Sentinel value to represent an unknown symbology.
Definition: SBSCode.h:48
Definition: SBSCode.h:188
Definition: SBSCode.h:226
Enumerates the symbologies supported by Scandit Barcode Scanner.
Definition: SBSCode.h:44
CGPoint topRight
The top-right corner.
Definition: SBSCode.h:28
Definition: SBSCode.h:160
Definition: SBSCommon.h:21
Definition: SBSCode.h:217
Definition: SBSCode.h:106
Definition: SBSCode.h:172
Definition: SBSCode.h:166
Definition: SBSCode.h:76
Flags to hint that two codes form a composite code.
Definition: SBSCode.h:207
Definition: SBSCode.h:124
Definition: SBSCode.h:178
Definition: SBSCode.h:134
Definition: SBSCode.h:110
NSString * data
The data contained in the barcode/2D code, e.g. the 13 digit number of a EAN-13 code.
Definition: SBSCode.h:299
Definition: SBSCode.h:199
CGPoint bottomLeft
The bottom-left corner.
Definition: SBSCode.h:36
Definition: SBSCode.h:56
Definition: SBSCode.h:146
Definition: SBSCode.h:234
BOOL isColorInverted
Whether the scanned code is color inverted.
Definition: SBSCode.h:369
CGPoint topLeft
The top-left corner.
Definition: SBSCode.h:24
SBSCompositeFlag compositeFlag
Flag to hint whether the barcode is part of a composite code.
Definition: SBSCode.h:360
Definition: SBSCode.h:98
Definition: SBSCode.h:81
Definition: SBSCode.h:230
CGPoint bottomRight
The bottom-right corner.
Definition: SBSCode.h:32
Definition: SBSCode.h:140
Definition: SBSCode.h:90
#define SBS_SWIFT_NAME(method)
Definition: SBSCommon.h:20
Definition: SBSCode.h:94
Definition: SBSCode.h:60
Quadrilateral represented by 4 corners.
Definition: SBSCode.h:20
#define SBS_ENUM_BEGIN(name)
Definition: SBSCommon.h:16