Barcode Interface Reference

Inherits INativeObject.


string SymbologyString [get]
string SymbologyName [get]
Symbology Symbology [get]
string Data [get]
NSData RawData [get]
bool IsRecognized [get]
Quadrilateral Location [get]
bool IsGs1DataCarrier [get]
CompositeFlag CompositeFlag [get]

Detailed Description

Represents a recognized/localized barcode/2D code.

This class represents a 1d barcode, or 2D code that has been localized or recognized by the barcode recognition engine.

Property Documentation

string SymbologyString

The symbology of the barcode as a string, including GS1 data carrier states.

This property is set to one of the following values:


Codes for which IsRecognized is NO, "UNKNOWN" is returned.

string SymbologyName

The symbology name of the barcode as a string.

Lower-case symbology name. Codes for which IsRecognized is NO, "unknown" is returned. In contrast to SymbologyString, the returned symbology does not contain any information on whether the code is a GS1 data carrier, use IsGs1DataCarrier for that.

Returns the symbology of a recognized barcode.

Codes for which IsRecognized is NO return Symbology.Unknown.

string Data

The data contained in the barcode/2D code, e.g.

the 13 digit number of a EAN13 code.

For some types of barcodes/2D codes (for example DATAMATRIX, AZTEC, PDF417), the data string may contain non-printable characters and nul-bytes in the middle of the string. Data may be nil in these cases. Use RawData if your application scans these types of codes and you are expecting binary/non- printable data.

NSData RawData

The raw byte data contained in the barcode.

Use this method in case you are encoding binary data in barcodes\2D codes that can not be represented as UTF-8 strings. For codes that are localized but not recognized, nil is returned.

bool IsRecognized

Whether the code was completely recognized.

This property is true for barcodes that were completely recognized and false for codes that were localized but not recognized. For codes returned by ScanditBarcodeScanner.iOS.IScanSession.NewlyRecognizedCodes and ScanditBarcodeScanner.iOS.IScanSession.AllRecognizedCodes IsRecognized always returns true, for codes returned by ScanditBarcodeScanner.iOS.IScanSession.NewlyLocalizedCodes IsRecognized always returns NO.

Quadrilateral Location

The location of the code in the image.

The location is returned as a a polygon with 4 corners. The corners are in the coordinate system of the raw preview image. In order to be displayed they must be transformed to the coordinate system of the view. The meaning of the values of topLeft, topRight etc is such that the topLeft point corresponds to the top-left corner of the barcode regardless of how it is oriented in the image.

See also
bool IsGs1DataCarrier

Whether the code is a GS1 data carrier.

True if the code is a GS1 data carrier, false if not. False is returned for codes that have only been localized but not recognized.

Indicates whether the code is part of a composite pair.

The composite flag for the code.