Troubleshooting Android

App crash when the barcode picker is shown

An app crash when the barcode picker is shown can occur if there is a problem with our Scandit SDK and/or the way it is used in your app. Contact us at with the details of your setup (Android version, Android device name, info whether our demo app works correctly, and a description of the problem).

Note that for versions prior to 4.12, app crashes could also be the result of invalid app keys or use of the test version without internet access. This behavior has been removed in 4.12. Instead license validation or connectivity issues are now displayed in the barcode picker view.

Scanner stops working when there is no network connection

The enterprise trial edition requires a networking edition and the Scandit SDK will shutdown when there is no network. Once you upgrade to one of our enterprise editions, this limitations is removed.

PDF417 codes are not decoded

The PDF417 decoder is switched off by default. Use ScanditSDKBarcodePicker.setPdf417Enabled(true) to enable it.