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 CScanditModule for all functionality of the barcode recognition plugin
 CBarcodeRepresents a recognized/localized barcode/2D code
 CCompositeFlagComposite flags for barcodes/2D codes
 CSymbologyAn enumeration of all supported barcode symbologies
 CBarcodePickerThe main class for scanning barcodes with the Scandit Barcode Scanner
 CWarningWarnings that can be raised by the frame processing engine
 CPointA convenience class for points with an x and y coordinate
 CQuadrilateralA convenience class for quadrilaterals
 CRecognizedTextHolds the text recognition result as identified in a frame
 CRectA convenience class for rectangles
 CScanOverlayAbstract scan UI class
 CCameraSwitchVisibilityCamera Switch Button Visibility
 CGuiStyleScan UI style
 CMatrixScanStateMatrix scan code states
 CScanSessionThe scan session holds all barcodes that were decoded in the current session
 CScanSettingsSettings to configure the decoding process
 CCameraFacingCamera facing direction
 CRecognitionModePossible recognition modes
 CWorkingRangePossible working ranges for the barcode picker
 CSymbologySettingsHolds settings specific to a particular symbology (1d, 2d)
 CChecksumChecksums for the symbology
 CTextRecognitionSettingsSettings related to to text recognition