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 CCharacterSetA set of characters
 CRecognizedTextHolds the text recognition result as identified in a frame
 CTextRecognitionListenerInterface to be implemented for handling text recognition events
 CTextRecognitionSettingsHolds settings related to text recognition
 CBarcodePickerThe main interface for scanning barcodes with the Scandit BarcodeScanner SDK
 CBarcodePickerActivityBarcode Picker Activity that can be configured through an intent
 CBarcodePickerExternalActivityBarcode Picker Activity that can be configured through an intent by passing an app key as well as a secondary app key
 COnScanListenerInterface definition for a callback to be invoked when one or more barcodes were recognized
 CProcessFrameListenerCallback interface for adding custom logic after every time frame has been processed by the recognition engine
 CPropertyChangeListenerInterface for a state change listener
 CScanAreaSettingsScanning area settings control where codes are to be searched in images/frames
 CScanditLicenseInterface to set the scandit barcode scanner app key
 CScanOverlayAbstract scan UI class
 CScanSessionInterface for a scan session
 CScanSettingsHolds settings that affect the recognition of barcodes, such as enabled barcode symbologies, scanning hot spot etc
 CBarcodeRepresents a recognized/localized barcode/2D code
 CBarcodeScannerScans barcodes in images
 CBarcodeScannerSessionHolds recognized and localized barcodes/2d codes
 CBarcodeScannerSettingsHolds configuration options for the barcode scanner
 CImageDescriptionDescribes dimensions as well as internal memory layout of an image buffer
 CQuadrilateralA 2-dimensional polygon with 4 corners
 CRecognitionContextManages scanner objects and schedules the recognition process
 CSymbologySettingsContains decoding of a specific symboloy
 CTrackedBarcodeRepresents a recognized/localized barcode/2D code that is being tracked over multiple frames