Scandit Data Capture SDK 6.10 Release Notes (October 29, 2021)

See also the System Requirements of the Scandit Data Capture SDK across all platforms.

New Features

Performance Improvements

  • Improved scan performance of thin 1D barcodes at perspective, and 1D barcodes with glare because of reflective packaging material.

  • Improved scan performance of Aztec codes.

  • Added ECI (Extended Channel Interpretation) support for MaxiCode codes.

  • Improved recognition performance on low resolution and single region Data Matrix codes.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected reported encoding for MaxiCode codes to “ISO-8859-1” if not explicitly specified with ECI for extended ASCII codes. Previous to this release, “US-ASCII” was returned.

  • Fixed a bug in Aztec that made it hard to scan some codes with little data / low number of elements.

  • Fixed binary data processing in DotCode detector.

  • Fixed an issue on Android where the standby mode did not turn off the frame streaming after a focus/zoom gesture or control is used with camera API 2.

  • Fixed the exposure of certain Blackview devices.



Scandit Data Capture SDK 6.10.1 Bug Fixes (November 16, 2021)

  • Fixed an issue that caused DotCodes not to be recognized when DataMatrix was also enabled.

  • Fixed rare PDF417 false positives at error correction level zero.

  • Fixed the @capacitor/core peer dependency version spec to better work with Capacitor 3.

  • Fixed the exposure of Crosscall Core-X4 device.