Text Capture Settings

Defined under the namespace Scandit.Datacapture.Text

class TextCaptureSettings

Added in version 6.4.0

Loads the text capture configuration and holds all the text recognition related settings, such as text selection area. To use the settings, use them when creating a text capture instance.

static fromJSON(json: object<string, any>): TextCaptureSettings | null

Added in version 6.4.0

Construct a new text capture settings with the provided JSON string. The JSON contains the necessary configuration for the text capture back-end.

For details about the format of the JSON check Text Capture Settings JSON Structure.

duplicateFilter: number

Added in version 6.4.0

Determines the time interval in which captured texts with the same value are filtered out as duplicates. By default, when the same text is captured in consecutive frames, it is reported again as a new recognition. Use this property to change the interval or completely turn off duplicate filtering:

  • Setting this property to value smaller than zero, means that the same text will not be reported again until the capturing session has been stopped.

  • Setting this property to a value of zero means that the same text will be reported every time it is found.

  • Setting this property to a value larger than zero indicates the time that must pass between the same text to be reported again.

locationSelection: LocationSelection | null

Added in version 6.4.0

Defines the strategy with which to select one out of many visible texts. See Scan Area Guide. By default, this property is null and text selection is disabled.

Currently only RectangularLocationSelection is supported.

recognitionDirection: Direction

Added in version 6.4.0

The recognition direction tells text capture in what direction text is expected.