Scan Add-On/Extension Codes


Add-on codes are only supported in BarcodeCapture.

The Scandit Data Capture SDK supports add-on codes (also known as Extension Codes) for EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A and UPC-E codes. These codes encode additional product data like an issue number, date or price. There is a two and a five digit version. This guide will show you how to enable and read out add-on codes.

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Before you start…

To get the most out of this guide, we recommend that you have read the following articles:

Enabling Add-On Codes

Add-ons are handled through symbology extensions. To scan add-on codes:

  • Enable the main symbologies that should be scanned (EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A and UPC-E).

  • For each main symbology enable the wanted add-on symbology extension(s). The two add-on extensions are:

    • two_digit_add_on

    • five_digit_add_on

The following lines of code show you how this is done to enable the two digit add-on for EAN-13, UPC-A and the five digit add-on for EAN-8 while UPC-E is not expecting any add-ons:

BarcodeCaptureSettings settings = BarcodeCaptureSettings.Create();

SymbologySettings ean13upcaSettings = settings.GetSymbologySettings(Symbology.Ean13Upca);
ean13upcaSettings.Enabled = true;
ean13upcaSettings.SetExtensionEnabled("two_digit_add_on", true);

SymbologySettings ean8Settings = settings.GetSymbologySettings(Symbology.Ean8);
ean8Settings.Enabled = true;
ean8Settings.SetExtensionEnabled("five_digit_add_on", true);

settings.EnableSymbology(Symbology.Upce, true);


Enabling add-on codes will slow down the recognition of non-add-on codes slightly because the Scandit Data Capture SDK needs to make absolutely sure that no add-on code was missed. If you are not expecting add-on codes for a certain symbology then don’t enable them.

Reading Add-On Code Data

When add-on codes are enabled the Scandit Data Capture SDK automatically couples the add-ons to the main code and returns the add-on’s data through Barcode.AddOnData. There are two potential cases when a barcode of a symbology with enabled add-on extension is returned:

  • The barcode has an add-on and is returned with add-on data

  • The barcode does not have an add-on and is returned without add-on data

Inside IBarcodeCaptureListener.OnBarcodeScanned() the data can be retrieved from the recognized barcode as follows:

Barcode barcode = session.NewlyRecognizedBarcodes[0];

string data = barcode.Data;
string addOnData = barcode.AddOnData;
if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(addOnData))
    // Do something with the data & addOnData.
    // Do something with just the data.

Avoiding the Scanning of Barcodes without Add-On

For a use-case where only barcodes with add-ons should be scanned, the same type of rejection as shown in the Barcode Capture Reject Sample can be used.

If add-on data is available:

  • Manually emit feedback

  • Change the overlay’s brush to the default

If no add-on data is available:

  • Don’t emit any feedback

  • Change the overlay’s brush to transparent