Combined Viewfinder

Defined in namespace Scandit.DataCapture.Core.UI.Viewfinder

class CombinedViewfinder : IViewfinder

Added in version 6.4.0

A viewfinder that is a container for other viewfinders. It allows you to have multiple viewfinders in one overlay.

To use this viewfinder, create a new instance of it and assign it to the overlay, e.g. assign it to the barcode capture overlay with the BarcodeCaptureOverlay.Viewfinder property.

static CombinedViewfinder Create()

Added in version 6.4.0

Returns a new combined viewfinder.

void AddViewfinder(IViewfinder viewfinder)

Added in version 6.4.0

Adds viewfinder.

void AddViewfinder(IViewfinder viewfinder, PointWithUnit pointOfInterest)

Added in version 6.4.0

Adds a viewfinder that uses the specified point of interest when drawing the viewfinder on the overlay.

void RemoveViewfinder(IViewfinder viewfinder)

Added in version 6.4.0

Removes the given viewfinder.

void RemoveAll()

Added in version 6.4.0

Removes all contained viewfinders.