Defined in namespace Scandit.DataCapture.Core

Task<DeviceCamera> getCameras(bool? refreshDevices, bool? cameraAlreadyAccessed)#

Get a list of cameras (if any) available on the device, a camera access permission is requested to the user the first time this method is called if needed.

If the browser is incompatible the returned promise is rejected with a UnsupportedBrowserError error.

When refreshing available devices, if updated deviceId information is detected, cameras’ deviceId are updated accordingly. This could happen after a camera access and stop in some situations.


  • refreshDevices: Force a call to refresh available video devices even when information is already available. Optional and false by default.

  • cameraAlreadyAccessed: Hint that a camera has already been accessed before, avoiding a possible initial camera access permission request on the first call, in cases this cannot be already reliably detected. Optional and false by default.