Configuring Cloud Build

To distribute the app binary with your own custom icon and name, and let your users access their activities through this app, you'll need to generate a custom build of the Flow container app, called Cloud Build.

Configuration for Android

The Cloud Build configuration for Android is fairly straightforward. You just have to provide an Application ID and Application Name, upload an icon that your custom build will use and if you're using the generated certificate, you can already start the build process. If you want to use your own KeyStore certificate and key, choose Use custom certificate, upload the file and provide the passwords needed.

Configuration for iOS

To configure Cloud Build for iOS, you'll need to complete a couple of steps, as required by Apple.

To generate the needed certificate, key and provisioning profile, you need to be enrolled in the Apple Developer Program or the Apple Developer Enterprise Program.

Generating the certificate

You'll need a production iOS certificate which you can generate in the Developer Portal, under Certificates, IDs & Profiles. After generating, you need to add the downloaded certificate to Keychain Access and export it together with the key as a .p12 file. Upload this as the PKCS#12 certificate and key and provide the password you used to secure it during export.

If you need some more help, you can look at the relevant section of the App Distribution Guide from Apple.

Register App ID

The Application ID provided during configuration should match a registered App ID. You can register an App ID in the Developer Portal, under Certificates, IDs & Profiles.

You can find more information here.

Register devices (only Ad Hoc certificates)

If you want to use an Ad Hoc certificate, you'll need to register the devices you want to install the app on. To do this, go to the Developer Portal and under Devices add the devices you need.

Find more info here.

Generate provisioning profiles

To generate a provisioning profile (Ad Hoc, App Store or Enterprise), go to the Developer Portal and under Provisioning Profiles generate the one you need. After generating, use the downloaded provisioning profile in the configuration.

You can find more info about how to do this here.

Finishing the configuration

You also need to specify an Application Name and an Icon that you want your custom build to have.

Push notifications on iOS

Currently, push notifications sent to a Flow app that was built using Cloud Build are not supported. This also means that if the app is open on the device and the following actions are taken on the web dashboard, a restart of the app is needed for it to reflect the changes.

  • Modify user or device (delete, change group)
  • Modify activity (new, update, delete)
  • Modify the appearance or the authentication settings

Google Maps API Key

If you want to use Scandit.Ui.Map in your activity that will accessed through a Cloud Build generated app, you'll need to provide a Google Maps API Key.