Flow REST API - Overview

The REST API provides easy access to platform resources.


If required, access key should be provided as Authorization header or token URL parameter.

To access the REST API, you will need an OAuth token.

You first need to acquire it by making a simple POST request to the API, e.g. with curl as shown below. You will need a Client ID and a Client Secret to do this, both of which you can generate in the "API Access" section of the Flow web dashboard by creating a new OAuth application and choosing "API Key - client credentials".

Use them with curl by substituting these (<CLIENT ID> and <CLIENT SECRET>) in the following command:

$ curl -d "grant_type=client_credentials&client_id=&client_secret=" https://scandium.scandit.com/api/v1/auth/oauth2/token

In the response, you'll get an access token which you can pass as the "Authorization" header, prefixed with bearer (including space before the token, as seen below).

$ curl -H "Authorization: bearer <YOUR TOKEN>" https://scandium.scandit.com/api/v1/storage/data/Shipment