New Features in Android Scandit Barcode Scanner 4.9

As part of our ongoing work to make the Scandit Barcode Scanner faster and easier to use, we made significant changes to the internals of our Android API with version 4.3 already. The API changes in 4.9 are an extension of this. 4.9 features the already known classes under new names (essentially removing the "ScanditSDK" prefix) to present the new API without all the clutter from the deprecated pre-4.3 API. This change follows the renaming that already came with version 4.7 on iOS.

The new API can be found in the com.scandit.barcodepicker package (so com.scandit.barcodepicker.BarcodePicker is the new com.mirasense.scanditsdk.ScanditSDKBarcodePicker) and is referenced in all current guides and documentation. If you are currently using the pre-4.3 API please have a look at the guide to the 4.3 API (Migrate from ScanditSDKBarcodePicker to BarcodePicker) for an overview of the concept changes as those stay the same in 4.9.

Please note that while this new API is available as of 4.9, the API of the Scandit Barcode Picker from before 4.3 and the one from 4.3 onwards are still available and applications can continue to use them. We do, however, recommend users to switch to the new API as the existing API will eventually be phased out.