Customize the scan UI

Customizing the Scandit Barcode Scanner UI Elements

The Scandit Barcode Scanner has methods to enable/disable/configure the following UI elements (see the API of the Titanium ScanditView for more details):

  • Torch Button (a button to switch the torch on/off)
  • Camera Direction Switch (a button to switch the camera direction)
  • Searchbar (for manual user input)
  • Toolbar (modal view controller only)
  • Feedback (to configure the feedback when a barcode is decoded)
  • Viewfinder (the white viewfinder target rectangle)

The Scandit Barcode Scanner has methods to enable/disable the above UI elements, methods to customize their location in the Scan UI and their appearance.

Adding your own UI Elements

If you want to add your own view on top of the scanner you have to add the scan view to your own view hierarchy first and then add the additional views to your view hierarchy but on top of the scanner view.