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ScanSessionRejectCode Method

Prevent beeping/vibrate and highlighting for a particular code.

Namespace:  Scandit.BarcodePicker
Assembly:  Scandit.BarcodePicker (in Scandit.BarcodePicker.dll) Version: (
public void RejectCode(
	Barcode code


Type: Scandit.RecognitionBarcode
The code to reject

Use this method to reject a certain code if you have additional methods for verifying the integrity of the code, e.g.with a custom checksum.Rejected codes won't be highlighted in the scan UI. Additionally beep and vibration will be surpressed.

Rejected codes will be added to AllRecognizedCodes like all other codes.

For this feature to work, you need to enable code rejection by setting CodeRejectionEnabled to true.

Note that you should only pass codes returned by NewlyRecognizedCodes as passing any other code will have no effect. Additionally, you should only calls this method from an invoked DidScan delegate.

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