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BarcodeScannerSettings Class

Configure the barcode recognition process.
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Namespace:  Scandit.Recognition
Assembly:  Scandit.Recognition (in Scandit.Recognition.dll) Version: (
public class BarcodeScannerSettings : IDisposable

The BarcodeScannerSettings type exposes the following members.

Public methodBarcodeScannerSettings
Construct an empty barcode scanner settings with all symbologies disabled.
Public propertyCameraFocusMode
Informs the barcode scanner about the camera focus capabilities in use.
Public propertyCodeCachingDuration
Get the code caching duration of the scan session.
Public propertyCodeDirectionHint
Hints to the recognition engine in what directions codes are expected.
Public propertyCodeDuplicateFilter
The code duplicate filter to be used
Public propertyCodeLocationArea1d
Code location area for 1d codes.
Public propertyCodeLocationArea2d
Code location area for 2d codes.
Public propertyCodeLocationConstraint1d
The code location constraint for 1d symbologies
Public propertyCodeLocationConstraint2d
The code location constraint for 2d symbologies
Public propertyItem
Get/set custom property previously set on the scanner settings.
Public propertyMaxNumberOfCodesPerFrame
The maximum number of codes to be decoded every frame.
Public propertySearchArea
The area in which barcodes are searched.
Public propertySymbologies
Map of symbology-specific settings
Public methodClone
Returns a deep copy of the barcode scanner settings.
Public methodDisableAllSymbologies
Disable recognition of all symbologies.
Public methodDispose
Dispose the BarcodeScannerSettings.
Public methodEnableSymbology
Enable or disable recognition of particular symbology
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Public methodStatic memberFromJson
Create a barcode scanner settings object from a serialized JSON representation.
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Public methodGetProperty
Get custom property previously set on the scanner settings.
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Public methodSetProperty
Set custom property
Public methodSetRestrictedScanArea
Sets the search area, location hints based on active scanning area and hot spot.
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The barcode scanner settings are used to control the barcode recognition process. They allow to enable/disable a certain set of symbologies and control where barcodes are searched in the image. For the barcode scanner settings to take effect, they must be applied to the BarcodeScanner, either when constructing it, or through ApplySettings(BarcodeScannerSettings).
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Supported in: 1.0
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