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ScanSettings Properties

The ScanSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActiveScanningAreaLandscape
The active scanning area when the picker is in landscape orientation
Public propertyActiveScanningAreaPortrait
The active scanning area when the picker is in portrait orientation
Public propertyCodeCachingDuration
Get the code caching duration of the scan session.
Public propertyCodeDuplicateFilter
The code duplicate filter to be used
Public propertyCodeRejectionEnabled
Whether code rejection should be enabled
Public propertyMaxNumberOfCodesPerFrame
The maximum number of codes to be decoded every frame.
Public propertyResolutionPreference
The target resolution to use for the video stream.
Public propertyRestrictedAreaScanningEnabled
Whether barcode/2d code recognition should be restricted to a certain area.
Public propertyScanningHotSpot
Defines the point at which barcodes and 2d codes are expected.
Public propertySymbologies
Map of symbology-specific settings
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