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BarcodePickerApplySettingsAsync Method

Apply new scan settings to the barcode picker.

Namespace:  Scandit.BarcodePicker
Assembly:  Scandit.BarcodePicker (in Scandit.BarcodePicker.dll) Version: (
public IAsyncAction ApplySettingsAsync(
	ScanSettings settings


Type: Scandit.BarcodePickerScanSettings
The new scan settings

Return Value

Type: IAsyncAction
Action that completes when the settings have been applied. Every frame processed after the settings have been applied will use the new settings.
This method allows you to change barcode scanner settings after the picker has been initialized. The new settings are passed to the barcode recognition engine instantly, however they'll will only take effect in the next frame. In case the scanner has not been started yet, the settings are applied when it starts. In that case the returned action completes immediately.
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