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A configuration object for Single Image Mode options for a specific platform.

The Single Image Mode screen is composed of information at the top and a button at the bottom.


  • SingleImageModePlatformSettings



Optional buttonElement

buttonElement: HTMLElement | SVGElement
Default = <SVGElement>

HTML/SVG element to override button contents (SVG recommended).

Optional buttonStyle

buttonStyle: Properties<0 | (string & {}), string & {}>
Default = { borderColor: "#FFFFFF", color: "#FFFFFF", fill: "#FFFFFF" }

CSS properties to override the button's style.

Note: borderColor is used for the border, color for the flash animation, fill for the SVG icon.

Optional containerStyle

containerStyle: Properties<0 | (string & {}), string & {}>
Default = { backgroundColor: "#333333" }

CSS properties to override the surrounding container's style.

Optional informationElement

informationElement: HTMLElement
Default = <HTMLElement>

HTML element to override information contents.

Optional informationStyle

informationStyle: Properties<0 | (string & {}), string & {}>
Default = { color: "#FFFFFF" }

CSS properties to override the information text's style.

Optional usageStrategy

usageStrategy: UsageStrategy

Execution strategy (when to run).

By default use only if the OS/browser doesn't support continuous camera video stream scanning.

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