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A barcode result.


  • Barcode



Readonly compositeFlag

compositeFlag: CompositeFlag

Whether the barcode is part of a composite code.

Readonly data

data: string

The data encoded in the barcode interpreted as a UTF-8 string. If the raw data is not a valid UTF-8 string, this field will be an empty string; information from rawData and encodingArray can be used to reconstruct a string.

Readonly encodingArray

encodingArray: BarcodeEncodingRange[]

The data encoding of the data in the barcode, given as an array of encoding ranges.

Readonly isGs1DataCarrier

isGs1DataCarrier: boolean

Whether the barcode is a GS1 data carrier.

Readonly location

location: Quadrilateral

The location of the barcode.

Readonly rawData

rawData: Uint8Array

The raw data encoded in the barcode, given as an array of bytes. To interpret this correctly you may have to use the information contained in encodingArray.

Readonly symbology

symbology: Symbology

The symbology type.

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