Scandit Barcode Scanner for Xamarin Documentation

To integrate the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK into your Xamarin application you have 2 options:

  • Use the Android/iOS/Windows BarcodePicker implementations wrapped in C#. Different code will have to be written for interacting with the BarcodePicker on each of the platforms.
  • Use the Xamarin.Forms BarcodePicker API (Unified plugin). This API is implemented as a portable class library and provides the same interface on all the platforms. Since version 5.8.1 it targets .NET Standard 1.0 framework. This API is considerably simpler and reduces the lines of code that need to be written to interact with the scanner. Note however, that it only provides a subset of the functionality available when using the native picker implementations. For example, it is not possible to display the barcode picker as a scaled/cropped subview.

API Reference

The most important classes are listed below for your convenience. If you are using the Xamarin.Forms API, refer to the classes listed in the Xamarin.Forms section. Android uses the namespace 'ScanditBarcodePicker.Android', iOS the namespace 'ScanditBarcodeScanner.iOS'. For native windows refer to the Windows documentation.

IBarcodePicker ScanOverlay ScanSettings SymbologySettings
ScanSession Barcode ScanditService IScanditLicense
Android iOS
BarcodePicker ScanOverlay BarcodePicker ScanOverlay
ScanSettings SymbologySettings ScanSettings SymbologySettings
IScanSession Barcode IScanSession Barcode

Getting Started

Xamarin.Forms Guides (Unified plugin)

Android Guides

iOS Guides

iOS Troubleshooting

Windows Guides

Version/edition upgrades