Scandit.MatrixScanSession Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void rejectTrackedCode (Barcode code)

Public Attributes

Barcode[] newlyTrackedCodes

Detailed Description

The matrix scan session holds all tracked codes that are newly available in the current session.

These codes are available as {}. It also allows the rejection of codes, showing a different color when visualizing them. Session Lifetime

The session is cleared when either {} or , { BarcodePicker.stopScanning} is called. 5.5.0

Member Function Documentation

void rejectTrackedCode ( Barcode  code)

Rejects the specified barcode, showing a different.

codeThe barcode to be rejected (should be inside MatrixScanSession::ewlyTrackedCodes)

Member Data Documentation

Barcode [] newlyTrackedCodes

List of barcodes that have been successfully recognized in the last frame.