Barcode Find View Deserializer

Defined in package com.scandit.datacapture.barcode.find.serialization


The deserialization API is not yet stable and will still change over the coming releases.


This deserializer is not thread-safe, subsequent calls for the same settings, mode or overlay have to be called on the same thread.

class BarcodeFindViewDeserializer

Added in version 6.19.0

A deserializer to construct BarcodeFindView instances from JSON.

Related topics: Serialization.


Added in version 6.19.0

Creates a new deserializer object.

viewFromJson(parentView, dataCaptureContext, barcodeFind, json)
@NonNull BarcodeFindView viewFromJson(
        @NonNull View parentView,
        @NonNull DataCaptureContext dataCaptureContext,
        @NonNull BarcodeFind barcodeFind,
        @NonNull String json)

Added in version 6.19.0

Constructs a new BarcodeFindView with the provided JSON serialization.

updateViewFromJson(view, json)
void updateViewFromJson(@NonNull BarcodeFindView view,
        @NonNull String json)

Added in version 6.19.0

Updates the view according to a JSON serialization.

@NonNull List<@NonNull String> getWarnings()

Added in version 6.19.0

The warnings produced during deserialization, for example which properties were not used during deserialization.