Text Capture Overlay#

Defined in package com.scandit.datacapture.text.ui.overlay

class TextCaptureOverlay : DataCaptureOverlay

Added in version 6.1.0

Overlay for the TextCapture capture mode that displays the bounding boxes containing each captured text on top of the video preview. The appearance of bounding boxes can be configured or turned off completely through the brush property.

newInstance(textCapture, view)#
static @NonNull TextCaptureOverlay newInstance(@NonNull TextCapture textCapture,
        @Nullable DataCaptureView view)

Added in version 6.1.0

Construct a new text capture overlay for the provided text capture instance. When passing a non-null view instance, the overlay is automatically added to the view.

@Nullable Viewfinder getViewfinder()
void setViewfinder(@Nullable Viewfinder value)

Added in version 6.1.0

Set the viewfinder. By default, the viewfinder is null. Set this to an instance of SpotlightViewfinder or RectangularViewfinder if you want to draw a viewfinder.

@NonNull Brush getBrush()
void setBrush(@NonNull Brush value)

Added in version 6.1.0

The brush used for visualizing a captured text in the UI. To turn off drawing of locations, set the brush to use both a transparent fill and stroke color. By default, the brush has a transparent fill color, a “Scandit”-blue stroke color, and a stroke width of 1.

static @NonNull Brush defaultBrush()

Added in version 6.1.0

Returns the default brush used by the overlay.

boolean getShouldShowScanAreaGuides()
void setShouldShowScanAreaGuides(boolean value)

Added in version 6.1.0

Whether to show scan area guides on top of the preview. This property is useful during development to visualize the current scan areas on screen. It is not meant to be used for production. By default this property is false.