Location Selection Deserializer

Defined in framework ScanditDataCaptureCore


The deserialization API is not yet stable and will still change over the coming releases.


This deserializer is not thread-safe, subsequent calls for the same location selection have to be called on the same thread.

@interface SDCLocationSelectionDeserializer : NSObject

Added in version 6.3.0

A deserializer to construct location selections from JSON.

Related topics: Serialization.

+ locationSelectionDeserializer
+ (nonnull instancetype)locationSelectionDeserializer

Added in version 6.3.0

Creates a new deserializer object.

@property (nonatomic, readonly) NSArray<NSString *> *warnings

Added in version 6.3.0

The warnings produced during deserialization, for example which properties were not used during deserialization.

- locationSelectionFromJSONString:error:
- (nullable id<SDCLocationSelection>)
  locationSelectionFromJSONString:(nonnull NSString *)JSONString
                            error:(NSError **)error

Added in version 6.3.0

Deserializes a location selection from JSON.

An error is set if the provided JSON does not contain required properties or contains properties of the wrong type.