Size of the Scandit SDK

When downloading our SDK, you might wonder what is the impact of adding our SDK to your app. When you look at the size of ScanditCaptureCore.xcframework (~90 MB) or ScanditOCR.xcframework (~250 MB), the first impression might be that these frameworks will significantly impact the size of your app. The good news is that the size of the XCFramework is not an indication of the size increase in your app once you add it.


Each XCFramework contains 2 fat binaries (one for the simulator and one for the device). The 2 fat binaries contain slices for arm64 (device and simulator) and x86_64. In addition, there is also a bitcode slice for arm64. This last slice is very large. Bitcode is an intermediate language and it can be used by Apple to recompile your app if necessary without asking for a re-submission.

Each slice is a full build of our SDK and each device only needs the slice that is relevant to its architecture.

The big bitcode slice and the two slices for the simulator are stripped away when uploading to the App Store.

The following table lists the size of the arm64 slices of each framework


1.6 MB


7.5 MB


2.0 MB


10.3 MB


0.8 MB


0.5 MB

The size of the arm64 slice stripped by bitcode can be retrieved as follow:

  1. navigate the XCFramework and go to the folder containing the binary for the device (i.e., ScanditCaptureCore.xcframework/ios-arm64/ScanditCaptureCore.framework/)

  2. strip bitcode with xcrun bitcode_strip ScanditCaptureCore -r -o ScanditCaptureCore.stripped


Within the XCFramework we have a .dSYM file. This file has a considerable size and is used to symbolicate crash reports. dSYMs will have no impact on the size of your app.

Delta updates

The App Store supports delta updates. Only files that changed will be downloaded again. Because our SDK is distributed as a dynamic framework, if you don’t update our SDK, the delta update will not download it again.