ProcessFrameListener Interface Reference

Inherited by ScanCase, and MatrixScan.

Public Member Functions

void didProcess (byte[] imageBuffer, int width, int height, ScanSession session)

Detailed Description

Callback interface for adding custom logic after every time frame has been processed by the recognition engine.


Member Function Documentation

void didProcess ( byte[]  imageBuffer,
int  width,
int  height,
ScanSession  session 

Invoked every time a frame has been processed by the barcode recognition engine.

In contrast to com.scandit.barcodepicker.OnScanListener.didScan, the didProcess callback is invoked after every frame, regardless whether a code could be successfully decoded or not. If your are only interested in fully decoded codes, use the com.scandit.barcodepicker.OnScanListener instead.

The didProcess callback is invoked in the thread that runs the recognition engine and blocks further processing. In case codes have been recognized in the same frame, the ProcessFrameListener.didProcess callback is invoked after com.scandit.barcodepicker.OnScanListener.didScan.

imageBufferthe raw image data that was processed in NV21 format
widthwidth of the image buffer in pixels
heightheight of the image buffer in pixels
sessioncontains information on the current recognition process. It is only valid to access the scan session from within the callback. If part of the information is required outside the callback it must be copied first.

Implemented in MatrixScan.

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