Symbology Extensions


NSString *_Nonnull const SBSSymbologySettingsExtensionRemoveLeadingZero
NSString *_Nonnull const SBSSymbologySettingsExtensionTiny
NSString *_Nonnull const SBSSymbologySettingsExtensionFullAscii

Detailed Description

This page lists available symbology extensions. They can be enabled/disabled for each symbology individually. Note that typically only a small subset of symbologies supports any given extension.

The constants below can be used as the extension parameter of SBSSymbologySettings#setExtension:enabled:

Variable Documentation

NSString* _Nonnull const SBSSymbologySettingsExtensionRemoveLeadingZero

Enable/disable removal of leading zero.

When enabled, leading zeroes of the data string of UPCA codes are removed. This extension is enabled by default when using any of the iOS picker APIs.

NSString* _Nonnull const SBSSymbologySettingsExtensionTiny

Enable/disable optimizations for tiny data-matrix codes.

When enabled, parameters for data-matrix recognition are optimized for scanning of very small data-matrix codes. This extension is disabled by default.

NSString* _Nonnull const SBSSymbologySettingsExtensionFullAscii

Turn on/off full ASCII mode for Code39.

When enabled, some of the characters as part of Code39 data string are interpreted as shift characters to allow for encoding of all 128 ASCII characters. This extension is disabled by default.