Scandit SDK C API Documentation

The Scandit C API offers a low-level interface to the data capture SDK. The low-level API is the default interface on Linux but it is also available for Android, iOS and Windows on request. This interface is very limited compared to the Data Capture API provided in the SDKs for all platforms. It allows you to pass image data directly to the data capture modules such as barcode scanning. The API does not include a user interface, image / stream management or advanced camera control. On Linux a basic camera interface for Video4Linux 2 (V4L2) cameras is provided.

Target Audience

If you are creating a mobile application for Android, iOS or Windows where the Scandit SDK is the only camera user then you should not use the low-level API and use the Data Capture API instead. Possible scenarios requiring the low-level API are:

  • You are building an embedded system with custom camera handling.
  • You are building a batch or single image processing system on an embedded system or server.
  • You are building a mobile application where multiple consumers (other vision frameworks) access the camera stream and therefore the camera control can not be done by the Scandit Data Capture API.


Sample Programs