Deprecation warning

Please note that this is outdated documentation for an older release of the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK.

We encourage you to migrate to 6.x and take advantage of our latest / advanced features and improved performance.

You'll find the updated documentation at: Data Capture SDK Documentation for iOS

<ScanditSDKNextFrameDelegate> Protocol Reference

Instance Methods

(void) - scanditSDKBarcodePicker:didCaptureImage:withHeight:withWidth:

Detailed Description

protocol to receive individual frame from barcode picker


Method Documentation

- (void) scanditSDKBarcodePicker: (ScanditSDKBarcodePicker *)  scanditSDKBarcodePicker
didCaptureImage: (NSData *)  image
withHeight: (int)  height
withWidth: (int)  width 

Returns a jpg encoded camera image of the given height and width.

To receive this callback with the barcode picker, the sendNextFrameToDelegate: (ScanditSDKBarcodePicker) method needs to be called beforehand. We recommend to not call this method repeatedly while the barcode scanner is running, since the JPG conversion of the camera frame is very slow.


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