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Please note that this is outdated documentation for an older release of the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK.

We are deprecating the 5.x API on all platforms (except Linux). Release 5.19 in April 2021 will be our final. Applications running 5.x will continue to work, and we will continue to release critical bug fixes and security patches only, for one year. We encourage you to migrate to 6.x and take advantage of our latest / advanced features and improved performance.

You'll find the updated documentation at: Data Capture SDK Documentation for Android

ScRectangleF Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

ScRectangleF sc_rectangle_f_make (float position_x, float position_y, float width, float height)
ScPointF sc_rectangle_f_get_center (ScRectangleF rectangle)

Data Fields

ScPointF position
ScSizeF size

Detailed Description

A 2-dimensional rectangle with floating point precision.

The rectangle is defined by the coordinates of the upper-left corner together with width and height. Width and height must always be larger or equal than zero.


Member Function Documentation

ScRectangleF sc_rectangle_f_make ( float  position_x,
float  position_y,
float  width,
float  height 

Helper function to initialize a rectangle.

position_xThe x-coordinate of the top-left corner of the rectangle.
position_yThe y-coordinate of the top-left corner of the rectangle.
widthThe width of the rectangle. Must not be negative.
heightThe height of the rectangle. Must not be negative.
The created rectangle.
ScPointF sc_rectangle_f_get_center ( ScRectangleF  rectangle)

Calculates and returns the center of the rectangle.

rectangleThe rectangle to calculate the center of
The calculated center.

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