Scandit.MatrixScanSession Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void pauseScanning ()
void stopScanning ()
void rejectTrackedCode (Barcode code)

Public Attributes

Barcode[] newlyTrackedCodes
Barcode[] allTrackedCodes

Member Function Documentation

void pauseScanning ( )

Immediately Pauses barcode recognition, but keeps camera preview open.

This is useful for briefly pausing the barcode recognition to show the recognized code in an overlay and then resume the scan process to scan more codes.

When only scanning one code and then returning to another part of the application, it is recommended to call stopScanning() instead.

See also
void stopScanning ( )

Immediately stops the scanning and clears the scan session.

Calling stop will release the camera, so that other applications can use it.

See also
BarcodePicker.stopScanning(), pauseScanning()
void rejectTrackedCode ( Barcode  code)

The codes that should be visualized as rejected in the tracking view.

Use this method to visually reject a certain code in the tracking API. In order to use this feature it is necessary to ScanSettings.matrixScanEnabled to true.

codeThe code to reject.

Member Data Documentation

Barcode [] newlyTrackedCodes

List of barcodes that are newly tracked in the last frame.

Barcode [] allTrackedCodes

Returns the list of barcodes (data, symbology) that are currently tracked.

Depending on the code caching and duplicate filtering behaviour, different sets of codes are returned by this method.

See also
a new copy of the list of barcodes that have been successfully decoded in this session