Id Capture Overlay#

Defined in package

class IdCaptureOverlay : DataCaptureOverlay

Added in version 6.6.0

Overlay for the IdCapture capture mode that displays viewfinders based on scanned document type on top of a data capture view.

newInstance(idCapture, view)#
static @NonNull IdCaptureOverlay newInstance(@NonNull IdCapture idCapture,
        @Nullable DataCaptureView view)

Added in version 6.6.0

Constructs a new id capture overlay for the provided id capture instance. When passing a non-null view instance, the overlay is automatically added to the view.

IdLayout getIdLayout()
void setIdLayout(IdLayout value)

Added in version 6.6.0

The kind of UI displayed to assist a user in scanning specific types of personal identification documents.