Data Capture Context Builder

Defined in namespace Scandit.DataCapture.Core.Capture

class DataCaptureContextBuilder

Added in version 6.16.0

A builder for the DataCaptureContext that allows to set additional properties that cannot be set through DataCaptureContext.ForLicenseKey().

DataCaptureContextBuilder DeviceName(string deviceName)

Added in version 6.16.0

Sets a device name. The device name allows to optionally identify the device with a user-provided name. This name is then associated with the unique identifier of the device and displayed in the online dashboard.

DataCaptureContextBuilder ExternalId(string externalId)

Added in version 6.16.0

Sets an external ID. The external ID is a customer defined identifier that is verified in the license key. This is an optional feature for resellers of the Scandit Data Capture SDK.

DataCaptureContextBuilder Settings(DataCaptureContextSettings settings)

Added in version 6.16.0

Sets additional settings for the context.

DataCaptureContext Build()

Added in version 6.16.0

Constructs a data capture context with the properties set on the builder.