SparkScan View Deserializer

Defined in framework ScanditBarcodeCapture


The deserialization API is not yet stable and will still change over the coming releases.

@interface SDCSparkScanViewDeserializer : NSObject

Added in version 6.16.0

A deserializer to construct SDCSparkScanView from JSON.

Related topics: Serialization.

+ sparkScanViewDeserializer
+ (instancetype)sparkScanViewDeserializer

Added in version 6.16.0

Creates a new deserializer object.

- viewFromJSONString:withContext:mode:parentView:error:
- (nullable SDCSparkScanView *)viewFromJSONString:(NSString *)JSONString
                                      withContext:(SDCDataCaptureContext *)context
                                             mode:(SDCSparkScan *)mode
                                       parentView:(UIView *)parentView
                                            error:(NSError **)error

Added in version 6.16.0

Deserializes SparkScan view from JSON.

- updateView:fromJSONString:error:
- (nullable SDCSparkScanView *)updateView:(SDCSparkScanView *)sparkScanView
                           fromJSONString:(NSString *)JSONString
                                    error:(NSError **)error

Added in version 6.16.0

Updates the mode according to a JSON serialization. See Serialization for details.