Barcode Selection Feedback

Defined in namespace Scandit.DataCapture.Barcode.Selection.Feedback

class BarcodeSelectionFeedback

Added in version 6.10.0

Determines what feedback (vibration, sound) should be emitted when reading barcodes. The feedback is specified for each BarcodeSelection instance separately and can be changed through the feedback property by either modifying an existing instance of this class, or by assigning a new one.

As of now, this class only allows to configure the feedback that gets emitted when a barcode is selected, through the Selection property.

See documentation on the BarcodeSelection.Feedback property for usage samples.

static BarcodeSelectionFeedback DefaultFeedback { get; }

Added in version 6.10.0

Returns a barcode selection feedback with default configuration:

  • default click sound

  • no vibration

Feedback Selection { get;set; }

Added in version 6.10.0

A feedback for a selection event.