Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 CScArucoDictionaryArUco Symbology Dictionary
 CScBarcodeA located or recognized barcode/ 2d code in an image
 CScBarcodeArrayA fixed-size array of barcode objects
 CScBarcodeGeneratorA 1d/2d barcode generator
 CScBarcodeScannerScans barcodes in images
 CScBarcodeScannerSessionAn opaque barcode scanner session object
 CScBarcodeScannerSettingsAn opaque data structure holding configuration options for the barcode scanner
 CScByteArrayA null terminated array of bytes
 CScCameraOpaque handle to a camera object
 CScCameraPropertiesPlatform specific camera properties
 CScEncodingArrayAn array of encoding ranges
 CScEncodingRangeCharacter encoding of a range of bytes
 CScErrorStructure for holding error information
 CScFramerateDescribes a framerate
 CScImageBufferA 2-dimensional bitmap/image
 CScImageDescriptionDescribes dimensions as well as internal memory layout of an image buffer
 CScObjectTrackerOpaque pointer type for an object tracker
 CScObjectTrackerCallbacksCallback storage structure. Set a callback to NULL to ignore it
 CScPointA 2-dimensional point with integer precision
 CScPointFA 2-dimensional point with floating point precision
 CScProcessFrameResultResult status and frame id
 CScQuadrilateralA 2-dimensional polygon with 4 corners
 CScQuadrilateralFA 2-dimensional polygon with 4 corners described as relative float coordinates
 CScRecognitionContextOpaque recognition context data structure
 CScRectangleFA 2-dimensional rectangle with floating point precision
 CScSizeA 2-dimensional unsigned size
 CScSizeFA 2-dimensional size with floating point precision
 CScStepwiseFramerateA step-wise description of a framerate
 CScStepwiseResolutionA unsigned step-wise description of a size
 CScSymbologySettingsContains symbology-specific settings
 CScTrackedObjectOpaque pointer type for an object tracker
 CSpDataRepresents a binary blob of data, or a string of characters
 CSpFieldParser result field
 CSpParserParser interface
 CSpParserResultParser result