SBSLicense Class Reference

Inherits NSObject.

Class Methods

(void) + setAppKey:
(void) + setExternalId:
(nullable NSString *) + externalId

Detailed Description

Holds settings that are needed to verify a Scandit Barcode Scanner license.

Method Documentation

+ (void) setAppKey: (nonnull NSString *)  appKey

Set the Barcode Scanner application key to be used for this application.

Call this static method with the Scandit Barcode Scanner application key you downloaded from the Scandit website.

Setting the app key does not automatically activate the device. Device activations happen when a SBSBarcodePicker is instantiated for the first time. It is thus safe to set the app key at application start, irrespective if the user is going to scan barcodes or not.

Note that currently it is not possible to change the app key after a picker has been instantiated. Only the app key set when the first picker is instantiated will be used. You will have to close the application and restart it before changing the app key.

appKeythe application key.
+ (void) setExternalId: (nullable NSString *)  identifier

Set a customer defined id that is verified in the license key. Optional feature for resellers of the SDK.

identifierThe external id.
+ (nullable NSString *) externalId

Get the currently set external id.

The currently set external id. By default no external id is set.

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