Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CSBSBarcodeGeneratorA barcode generator
 CSBSBarcodePickerControls the camera and orchestrates the barcode scanning process
 CSBSBarcodePickerManagerManages a barcode picker instance, allocating and releasing it dependent on need
 CSBSBarcodePickerViewWraps an SBSBarcodePicker instance, exposing simple settings through the Interface Builder
 CSBSCodeRepresents a recognized/localized barcode/2D code
 CSBSEncodingRangeAn encoding range for the barcode generator. Specifies the encoding and the start and end index of the data to be encoded to specify which range the encoding should be used
 CSBSFrameAn extended abstraction of a frame that is being processed by the SBSMatrixScanHandler
 CSBSLicenseHolds settings that are needed to verify a Scandit Barcode Scanner license
 C<SBSMatrixScanDelegate>The protocol used by SBSMatrixScanHandler instance
 CSBSMatrixScanHandlerAn high-level abstraction of the Scandit Matrix Scan
 C<SBSMatrixScanOverlay>The protocol overlays need to conform to
 CSBSOverlayControllerControls the scan screen user interface
 C<SBSOverlayControllerDidCancelDelegate>Protocol cancel events
 CSBSParserDefines the interface for a data string parser. Parsers are capable of parsing one particular data format, which is passed to them during construction
 CSBSParserFieldA particular parsed field
 CSBSParserResultHolds the result of a successfully parsed data string
 C<SBSProcessFrameDelegate>Protocol for accessing the processed sample buffers
 CSBSQuadrilateralQuadrilateral represented by 4 corners
 CSBSScanAreaSettingsScanning area settings control where codes are to be searched in images/frames
 CSBSScanCaseStart a scanner for the Scandit case
 C<SBSScanCaseDelegate>Calls the Protocol for events fired by SBSScanCase, e.g. when new codes are scanned
 CSBSScanCaseSessionHolds all barcodes that were decoded in the current session
 CSBSScanCaseSettingsHolds settings that affect the recognition of barcodes (e.g. enabled barcode symbologies)
 C<SBSScanDelegate>Defines the Protocol for a scan event delegate
 CSBSScanSessionHolds all barcodes that were decoded in the current session
 CSBSScanSettingsHolds settings that affect the recognition of barcodes, such as enabled barcode symbologies, scanning hot spot etc
 CSBSSimpleMatrixScanOverlayA simple implementation of the abstract SBSMatrixScanOverlay class, that draws colorful, rectangle overlays on top of tracked barcodes
 C<SBSSimpleMatrixScanOverlayDelegate>Protocol used to set the color of an augmentation or to react when an augmentation is touched
 CSBSSymbologySettingsHolds settings specific to a single symbology such as checksums and active symbol count
 CSBSTrackedCodeRepresents a recognized/localized barcode/2D code that is being tracked over multiple frames
 CSBSViewBasedMatrixScanOverlayAn implementation of MatrixScanOverlay, that uses UIView class instances as augmentations for all of the tracked barcodes
 C<SBSViewBasedMatrixScanOverlayDelegate>Protocol used to change the view corresponding to