<SBSProcessFrameDelegate> Protocol Reference

Instance Methods

(void) - barcodePicker:didProcessFrame:session:

Detailed Description

Protocol for accessing the processed sample buffers.


Method Documentation

- (void) barcodePicker: (nonnull SBSBarcodePicker *)  barcodePicker
didProcessFrame: (nonnull CMSampleBufferRef)  frame
session: (nonnull SBSScanSession *)  session 

Method invoked whenever a frame has been processed by the barcode scanner.

This method is called on the SBSBarcodePicker::processFrameDelegate whenever the barcode scanner has finished processing a frame.

barcodePickerthe barcode picker instance that processed the frame
framethe sample buffer containing the actual frame data.
sessionThe current scan session containing the state of the recognition process, e.g. list of codes recognized in the last processed frame. The scan session can only be accessed from within this method. It is however possible to use codes returned by SBSScanSession::newlyRecognizedCodes outside this method.

This method is invoked from a picker-internal dispatch queue. To perform UI work, you must dispatch to the main queue first. When new codes have been recognized, this method is invoked after SBSScanDelegate::barcodePicker:didScan is called on the SBSBarcodePicker::scanDelegate.

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