<SBSTextRecognitionDelegate> Protocol Reference

Instance Methods

(SBSBarcodePickerState- barcodePicker:didRecognizeText:

Method Documentation

- (SBSBarcodePickerState) barcodePicker: (nonnull SBSBarcodePicker *)  picker
didRecognizeText: (nonnull SBSRecognizedText *)  text 

Invoked when the text recognition engine has found text that matches the provided regular expression.

pickerThe barcode picker that recognized the text.
textThe recognized text.
The new state for the picker. To continue scanning more text, return SBSBarcodePickerStateActive, to stop scanning, return SBSBarcodePickerStateStopped, to put the picker into paused state, return SBSBarcodePickerStatePaused.

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