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Scandit.BarcodePicker Namespace

This namespace contains a high-level interface for scanning barcodes in Windows Store applications. The barcode picker is a custom Xaml control that displays a scan user interfaces and takes care of handling camera access in your application. The barcode picker is the recommended interface for scanning barcodes in your applications.
Public classBarcodePicker
The barcode picker provides a high-level interface to the Scandit BarcodeScanner
Public classBestMediaType
Public classCameraIcon
Public classCameraSelection
Helper class for selecting the camera based on the facing direction suitable for passing to OpenCameraAndStartScanningAsync(DeviceInformation).
Public classClassNotRegisteredException
Raised when VideoInputRT.FrameAccess is not activatable
Public classDefaultStyles
Public classPickerFailedEventArgs
This exception-like class can wrap both exceptions and MediaCaptureFailedEventArgs objects.
Public classScanditLicense
Static helper class for specifying the Scandit License Key
Public classScanOverlay
Scan UI on top of the video preview stream.
Public classScanSession
Keeps track of recognized and localized barcodes/2d codes.
Public classScanSettings
Holds settings that affect the recognition of barcodes, such as enabled barcode symbologies, scanning hot spot etc.
Public classTorchIcon
Public delegateDidScanDelegate
Delegate used for scan events
Public delegatePickerFailedEventHandler
Delegate for handling picker failures
Public enumerationCameraFacingPreference
Enum describing the camera facing preference.
Public enumerationCameraSwitchVisibility
Controls the visibility of the camera switch button
Public enumerationGuiStyle
Defines the UI style to be used for the scan overlay
Public enumerationVideoResolution
An enum defining video resolutions