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BarcodePickerOpenCameraAndStartScanningAsync Method

Open camera and start barcode recognition.

Namespace:  Scandit.BarcodePicker
Assembly:  Scandit.BarcodePicker (in Scandit.BarcodePicker.dll) Version: (
public Task OpenCameraAndStartScanningAsync(
	DeviceInformation device = null


device (Optional)
Type: Windows.Devices.EnumerationDeviceInformation
The camera to use. When null, a default camera is used; On devices that have front/back cameras, such as tablets or phones, the default device is the first back facing camera found. On other devices, the camera selected when passing null is device-specific.

Return Value

Type: Task
A task that completes when the camera is opened, and scanning and recognition are started.

Opens the camera for streaming and sets up barcode recognition using the current barcode scanner settings.

Your application must have Webcam capability in the manifest in order to access a camera.

While it's possible to pass in null as the device information, it is recommended that you select the camera based on the needs of your application. When running on phones or tablets, you might want to select a camera based on facing direction. Helper functions to select such a camera are offered by CameraSelection.

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