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Scandit.Recognition Namespace

C# interface for the Scandit BarcodeScanner
Public classBarcode
A recognized or localized barcode.
Public classBarcodeScanner
Scans barcodes in images
Public classBarcodeScannerSession
Keeps track of decoded and localized barcodes and handles duplicate removal.
Public classBarcodeScannerSettings
Configure the barcode recognition process.
Public classFrameSequence
Encapsulates a sequence of frames to be processsed.
Public classGlobal
Public classImageDescription
Describes dimensions as well as internal memory layout of an image buffer.
Public classLogger
Public classQuad
An arbitrary 2D quadrilateral with integer vertex coordinates.
Public classRecognitionContext
Recognition Context
Public classSymbologySettings
Class to hold symbology-specific settings.
Public structureEncodingRange
Character encoding of a range of bytes.
Public structurePoint
An integer point structure.
Public structurePointF
2-dimensional point with floating point precision
Public structureRectangleF
Axis-aligned rectangle as defined by top-left corner and size with floating-point precision.
Public structureSizeF
Size (width, height) with floating-point precision
Public interfaceiDeviceInfo
This interface abstracts a platform-specific device versions and IDs.
Public delegateRecognitionFailedDelegate
Delegate invoked when recognition failed. This is used to communicate license validation errors
Public enumerationBarcodeSymbology
Enumeration of all supported 1d and 2d barcode symbologies
Public enumerationCameraFocusMode
Focus mode of the camera
Public enumerationChecksum
A list of possible checksum algorithms.
Public enumerationCodeDirection
Enum for different code directions.
Public enumerationCodeLocationConstraint
Influences how the 1d and 2d code location areas are interpreted.
Public enumerationCompositeFlag
Flags to hint that two codes form a composite code.
Public enumerationImageLayout
Specifies the format of the pixel data.