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Barcode Fields

The Barcode type exposes the following members.

Public fieldCompositeFlag
Indicates whether the barcode is part of a composite pair
Public fieldDataEncoding
Character encoding of the raw data in ranges.
Public fieldIsColorInverted
Gets the color of the barcode. This flag is set to true if the barcode is white on black background. False indicates that the barcode is black on a white background or the code has only been localized but not recognized.
Public fieldIsGs1DataCarrier
True if the code is a GS1 data carrier, false if not.
Public fieldIsRecognized
True when this code represents a recognized barcode/2d code, false if the code has been localized but not recognized.
Public fieldLocation
The location of the barcode/2d code in the image defined by four corners.
Public fieldRawData
The data encoded in the barcode as an array of bytes. Depending on the type of barcode/2d code, the data may be binary, or a simple ASCII/UTF-8 string. If you are only expecting utf-8 data, use Data instead.
Public fieldSymbology
The symbology of the barcode. For a barcode which has been localized but not recognized, the symbology is set to ScSymbology.Unknown.
Public fieldUniqueId
Unique identifier of this barcode.
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