Scandit Data Capture SDK 6.22 Release Notes (February 16, 2024)

See also the System Requirements of the Scandit Data Capture SDK across all platforms.

New Features


  • Added QR symbology extension called strict to suppress rare QR reader false positives. strict reduces the scan robustness of damaged codes.


  • Added IdCaptureFeedback. ID Capture allows to configure sound & vibration feedback to emit when a document is captured, rejected or the timeout occurs. By default the feedback is emitted when a document is captured.

  • Added AAMVABarcodeResult.firstNameWithoutMiddleName.

  • Added DateResult.localDate and DateResult.utcDate which convert the date result to System.DateTime using device’s local time zone or the UTC time zone respectively. They replace Date, which is now deprecated.

  • Replay the flip document animation when the user keeps scanning the wrong side of the document.

Behavioral Changes


  • Removed OkHttp dependency for api requests in favor of the Scandit internal client.

Performance Improvements


  • Further improved QR code scan performance of codes occluded by glare.

  • Improved scan performance for 1D barcodes with missing or damaged quiet zones.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug in handling of active symbol counts for Codabar.


  • Fixed an issue where US Border Crossing Cards were not recognized.


Scandit Data Capture SDK 6.22.1 Bug Fixes (March 13, 2024)

  • Fixed a licensing issue where a Barcode Scanner license was wrongly required when scanning the back side of a UK driver’s license.