Scandit Data Capture SDK 6.5 Release Notes (October 1st 2020)#

See also the System Requirements of the Scandit Data Capture SDK across all platforms.

New Features#

  • Removed the dependency on TypeScript, making the plugin installation faster and less error-prone on different systems.

  • For the existing dependency on WKWebView on iOS, a manual dependency addition is now required. For more information, check out how to add the SDK to your app.

  • On Android setting VideoResolution.UHD4K now automatically switches to camera API 2 for supported devices. Make sure that you instantiate the camera directly with the settings instead of using Camera.applySettings().

  • Added Latin-1 (ISO-8859-1) support for Code 128.

  • Improved ink spread support for DataBar.

  • Added add-on code (also known as extension code) recognition (EAN-2 & EAN-5). See Scan Add-On/Extension Codes for an explanation of how it works.

  • Added BarcodeTrackingSettings.forScenario() for creating a BarcodeTrackingSettings instance configured with the given scenario.

  • DLID parser: firstNames and lastNames fields added.

  • DLID parser: isExpired field added.

Performance Improvements#

  • Improved the way frames are scheduled to be processsed by the data capture context. In some circumstances, this improves the frame rate by around 40%.

  • Significantly improved the recognition of 1D barcodes in single and low-resolution use-cases (especially of Code128 and EAN13).

Bug Fixes#

  • TextCapture now works with camera API 2.

  • Fixed the camera lag of the Algiz RT8.

  • Fixed a crash for barcodes that contain no data.

  • Fixed a bug where the parser could sometimes not be used directly after instantiation.

  • MRTD parser: Fixed the issue that metadata field contained incorrect information.

  • MRTD parser: Fixed the issue that Portugal TD1 documents were not parsed.

  • MRTD parser: Fixed the issue that caused O-0 false positive compensation not working when check digit was O.

  • MRTD parser: Fixed the issue that French ID MRTD return ISO country code in the issuingCountry field instead of the issuingState field.

  • DLID parser: Redundant commas in name field removed.

  • DLID parser: Fixed the issue that AAMVA version 1 codes showed the last name at the beginning of the name field.

  • DLID parser: Fixed the issue that some expiry dates for magnetic type of format were not parsed.

  • UsUsid parser: Fixed the issue with name ordering in name and sponsorName fields.

  • DLID parser: An incorrectly truncated field at the end of the code no longer fails the parser.

  • MRTD parser: Fixed a parser crash when the document number check digit was not present in the code.



Scandit Data Capture SDK 6.5.1 Bug Fixes (October 21st 2020)#

  • Fixed decoding of MicroQR symbols with an abbreviated terminator.

  • Increased the maximum configurable Code39 symbol count from 40 to 50.

  • Fixed a bug where there was missing sound feedback on some devices.

  • Fixed an issue causing the same warning to be displayed multiple times.

  • Fixed an issue where some promises were not properly resolved.

  • DLID parser: Some states can provide dates in two different formats: YYYYMMDD and MMDDYYYY. The parser handles both cases now.

  • DLID parser: Fixed parsing the expiration date for some Arizona codes.

  • DLID parser: Fixed parsing the issuer field for North Carolina and Arizona states as well as Newfounland and Labrador province.

  • HIBC parser: Fixed the issue that parsing secondary data with an additional lot field immidiately after 5-digit Julian date were treated as an error.

Scandit Data Capture SDK 6.5.2 Bug Fixes (October 22nd 2020)#

Contains no bug fixes for this platform.

Scandit Data Capture SDK 6.5.3 Bug Fixes (November 5th 2020)#