Scandit Data Capture SDK 6.4 Release Notes (July 10, 2020)

See also the System Requirements of the Scandit Data Capture SDK across all platforms.

New Features

  • Extended default symbol count ranges for the following symbologies:

    • Code128 and Code39 changed from 7-20 to 6-40.

    • Code93 changed from 7-22 to 6-40.

    • MSI-Plessey changed from 7-20 to 6-32.

    • ITF changed from 8-18 to 6-40.

  • Added TextCapture as a new capture mode for text recognition. Read up on how to get started with text capture.

Behavioral Changes

Performance Improvements

  • Improved recognition of Code128 and EAN13 codes with low resolution.

  • Improved recognition of Aztec codes with a small module count.

  • Improved recognition of MicroQR codes with low resolution or perspective distortion.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a rare out-of-bounds access in the PDF417 reader.

  • Fixed decoding of DataBar Expanded codes with 21 or 22 segments.

  • DLID parser: Fixed incorrect date parsing for North Carolina, AAMVA version 1.

  • DLID parser: Fixed an issue where dates were not parsed for West Virginia and Wyoming, AAMVA version 4.


Scandit Data Capture SDK 6.4.1 Bug Fixes (July 24, 2020)

  • Changed Camera permission to be requested on Android only when DataCaptureView and Camera are created.

  • Unify DataCaptureView.viewPointForFramePoint() and DataCaptureView.viewQuadrilateralForFrameQuadrilateral() on iOS and Android to use device independent values.

  • Fixed the camera lag of the Aquos Sense 2 and Crosscall Core-X4.

  • Fixed an issue occurring on Android causing the DataCaptureView to be incorrectly sized initially resulting in black rectangle shown briefly in top left corner of the screen.

  • Fixed an issue in BarcodeSelectionAimAndTapSample resulting in miscalculations of barcode overlap with the aimer.

  • DLID parser: Fixed the issue that some Alberta, AAMVA version 3 codes were not parsed.

Scandit Data Capture SDK 6.4.2 Bug Fixes (August 14, 2020)